What Your Garage Door Says to Your Neighbors & Visitors

What Your Garage Door Says to Your Neighbors & Visitors


Even though we are told not to judge a book by its cover, we do. What we wear and how we carry ourselves send clear messages to the rest of the world. Our homes are often reflections of ourselves, and how we maintain them sends a message about who we are to those near us, like our neighbors. Our homes can be judged on anything from our front yards not being properly cared for to, more specifically, our garage doors. Most people rarely pay attention to their own garage doors, often overlooking the important message it’s sending.

Your Garage door is the largest opening on your house and the most eye-catching.

Garage doors are:

  • Like windows, aesthetic as well as functional.
  • Statement pieces. They can affect the curb appeal of your home.
  • Protectors.  The right garage door can protect your family, your home and the interior of your garage itself.

If your garage door is shabby and rusted through, not only will that have a negative impact on the interior of the garage and your home, but it’s an eyesore.  If it looks like you don’t care about your home, then that will have a negative impact on how your neighbors perceive you and your home. Although it’s far easier to notice and take care of other parts of the home, like your windows or front door, so many people overlook their garage and that it’s becoming a problem.

Ultimately, wear and tear is an unavoidable fact of life. No matter how well you maintain your doors, they will eventually wear out. The springs will give under pressure, the metal will rust, and the electronics will burn out. Don’t let your doors degrade to the point where you must replace them in a pinch, being proactive is a far better place to be. Be aware of any issues they may be facing, and be prepared to replace them when need be.