Shopping for a new garage door…come into our showroom!

Shopping for a new Garage Door…

When we think of a large purchase for our home such as floors, kitchen cabinets, or appliances we usually start off by visiting several showrooms. There we can see, feel and speak with someone experienced on these items, right? Any type of upgrade to our home is expensive and we want to be able to open and close that potential new refrigerator, or run our hand over the carpet samples to choose which one feels best, correct? At D & D Garage Doors we wanted our customers to have these same experiences available to them when shopping for their new Garage Door or Garage Door opener. After all, your Garage Door is the LARGEST opening into your home, isn’t it?

Our showrooms give our customers a chance to look at a variety of styles, color choices and safety features all at once. Customers are able to see and feel garage doors and speak with specialists in our showroom that can answer questions like, “Which doors protect me from hurricanes and meet FL insurance code?” and “What gives me the look of wood without the upkeep?” ~or~ “Can I really open and close my Garage Door with an opener that works with my iPhone?” All these questions are easily answered visually with product samples in our showrooms all across the State of Florida.

A Florida fan favorite is D & D’s own Breezy Living Screens. Our Breezy Living Screens are also on display in several of our showrooms. The screen works perfectly in combination with your Garage Door and best of all requires no electricity.

our showrooms so we can help them choose what will work best for their family’s home is what makes us happy. We offer quality Garage Door products that keep your family and your home safe. We hope to see you in one of our showrooms the next time you are exploring garage door options.















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  • Debbie says:

    Coming in to the show room was such a help. To be able to see and touch the doors made a world of difference.