My garage door opener is making noise but not opening my garage door

“Help! My garage door opener is making noise but not opening my garage door!?!”


By Joey black, Jacksonville Showroom

Most garage door openers depend on a drive gear and/or a coupler to turn the trolley system. This is what makes your garage door opener actually open and close your garage door. Unfortunately, these parts often go out over time, which may cause your garage door opener to no longer function. Luckily these parts can be replaced. So if you are pressing your wall console or remote and you hear the operator making noise but the door is not moving you just might need to replace your drive gear or screw drive coupler. In this case, you should still be able to open the door manually.

Take a look at these photo’s…

These are pictures of the most common drive gear and couplers that may go bad. If they are bad, they will not look this good of course. They will be missing teeth or be striped out. If you feel you have questions or need garage door service or repair please call us directly. Joey Black is the manager of our Jacksonville showroom, for Jacksonville garage doorD & D Services the State of Florida- for the service team or showroom closest to you please visit our location page.


  • Debbie says:

    Thanks for this information. It is nice to know that these parts can be replaced and not that I will have to get a new opener.

  • John says:

    Very good information. Thanks for the tip on what to look for when troubleshooting a problem with my door.