Holiday Travel Tips: Garage Door Safety

Holiday travel tips: Garage Door Safety

Holiday Travel Tips 2014Presents, check! Toothbrush and toothpaste, check! Phone chargers, check. The Kids? … Check! Ok, I locked the doors, closed the garage, set the thermostat, all appliances are off. Check, check and check!

There are so many things to remember when getting ready for holiday travel, including making sure your home is safe

and secure while you are away. Here are a few tips on how to take “worrying about home security while on vacation” off your checklist.

Most homeowners think of the common things, making sure the windows and doors are locked, and that the security system is on, but there are also precautions to take with your garage door. Yes, your garage door.

Garage Door Tip #1: Make sure when leaving for the holidays that you set your lock out buttons so that no one can work your door remotely. Basically, the lock out mode makes the buttons for opening your garage door useless. Don’t stress out if your opener doesn’t have lock out buttons, because you can also disengage your opener and adjust your slide locks to secure your door. Be sure to inquire with your local D and D Garage Door’s design centers for more information on how to do this properly. Or you can watch this video:

Garage Door Tip #2: As it gets closer to the time you are ready to leave, don’t leave your garage door open, this also serves as good advice for any time of the year as. Burglars are known to climb in attic space in the garage and wait for you and your family to leave, granting them easy access to your home to steal gifts, household goods and valuables. Close your garage when you go inside, and pay attention to who is lurking around.

Garage Door Tip #2: Here’s one that a few of my family members could use, Please DO NOT, leave garage door remotes on your visor, or in plain site in your car. It only takes a matter of minutes to open your car door or break the window and have access to your home.

Something else you can check on with your local design center is if you have a garage door opening system that is compatible with one of the many phone apps that can be used to control your garage from your phone. An example of one such system is the 8550 linked with MyQ, which will send you a message that your door is open and you can close it right from your smartphone!

So remember, suitcases, check! Presents, check! Garage door precautions? … CHECK!

You are ready to hit the road, take to the sky, hop on the next train or whichever way you are planning to travel this season, you are now fully prepared. So travel safe this Holiday Season and enjoy every minute

of it knowing your home will be safe, secure, and exactly how you left it when you get back!

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  • Debbie says:

    Such good info that I would have never thought of. Will be taking my remotes off my visor for sure.
    Once again Thank you D and D for good info.