HELP! I cannot get my car out of the Garage…

Written by Debbie Q – Orlando, FL D & D Garage Doors
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HELP! I cannot get my car out of the Garage…

This quick blog explains common reasons your Garage Door may not open or close.

Often times a homeowner will call us with an “emergency” Garage Door problem…their door will not open or close. Rather than just setting you up with a service call we try to help you and offer solutions. Sometimes it could be as simple as just needing to adjust the safety beams a little and then the garage door
will operate again. It could also be something as small as dirt or built-up dust on the safety beams that restricts them from functioning properly. This is a common culprit because we all know how much we clean the corners of our garage! We also remind homeowners to check the safety beams on their own once in a while. If you have kids coming in and out on bikes and taking the garbage can out they can and will bump them, so just being aware will save you the worry of assuming the problem is much worse.

Another common call is “We have NO Power to the Opener.” First step would be to check the GFI button. If the GFI has been tripped, you should be able to simply reset it by pressing the “red” button. It will be on one of the plugs in your garage. This is something that happens often and may be caused by a power surge or outage.

Understand that your Garage Door needs yearly attention, especially if you use it daily (in most cases more than once a day). Most of us hardly use the front door so our Garage Door is getting a lot of wear and tear to it. Lubing and a once-a-year check up will make your Garage Door work better and last a whole lot longer.


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