Get Prepared For Hurricane Season With These Awesome Tips!

By July 26, 2018Helpful "HOW TO"


Hey Florida – it’s hurricane season.  Living here, you know the damage these massive storms can inflict. It is essential that your home is up to code for protection against Mother Nature.

In an interview with Ray Turner from the Manatee-Sarasota Building Association, our very own Joe Ernst goes over the basics of hurricane preparedness. Showing the most vulnerable spot in your home – your garage door.

Homes that were built after 2002 with Hurricane Andrew should all be up to the newest code. If your home was built in 2001 or before, D & D Garage Doors strongly suggests bringing it up to code. Even most insurance companies are asking for hurricane rated garage doors for home protection.

After the Hurricane Irma scare in September 2017, Floridians began to realize how important it is to keep their homes protected. Ernst recalls how a few months after Irma hit, the phones would ring off the hook about their hurricane-standard garage doors. He explains that if your garage door isn’t up to the latest code, your garage door could blow off or be severely damaged in a hurricane; this leading to a large hole in your home, open to flying debris or the neighbor’s garage door (which also might not be up to code) crashing in your garage.

So what if your home isn’t up to code?

Simple – call us at 888.371.7242! Every garage door in our showroom is hurricane ready. Now, most people would think that having a garage door up to code means an ugly, steel eyesore on the front of their garage. But here at D & D, you don’t have to give up the style to have the protection. Our selection of doors includes classic looks, modern looks, wood looks, carriage styles, and custom doors tailored to your personal ideas. Bring your door up to code today!