Garage Door Companies offer more than just new doors …

Fort Myers Garage Door Companies offer more than just new doors …

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Almost any electronic device we buy these days comes with accessories, hands free options or remotes. Even most of the devices and appliances we use around our home have replacement parts sold by the manufacturer or a retail store if and when we need them. Well the same can be said for Fort Myers Garage Door companies we don’t just offer garage doors, we offer replacements, security and convenience!

It is important to know that there is so much more your garage door company can offer you to help make an educated decision so you get the most out of the largest moving part of your home, your garage door! First and foremost, Fort Myers garage door companies such as D & D Garage Doors offer all types of replacement parts such as belts, springs, bolts, bottom rubber, batteries, remotes and keypads! However we strongly recommend broken springs and belts be repaired by a professional — please please use caution and do not attempt on your own.

Lets face it after owning your garage door for sometime, there are always small replacement parts that have to be purchased, and for a lot of DIYers out there, being able to purchase those gaskets, remote batteries or rubber bottoms from your local garage door company makes life a little easier.

Anyone with a garage door opener knows that being able to push a button while pulling into the driveway and watch your garage door rise welcoming you inside could be considered one of the most convenient inventions ever made! That’s why most Fort Myers garage door companies including D & D, offer a variety of garage door openers, remotes and even universal remote controls if you happen to break or lose your original. And … for that added security, keypads are also offered that allow the input of one security code to let you in. Forgot your keys? Get locked out? Want to go for a run, but don’t want to hold your keys the whole time? Well with a security key pad for the garage door, the simple push of your code will solve your problems!

So remember, when you purchase your garage door choose a professional company you know will be there for years to come. Take care of the largest opening into your home and have maintenance performed annually. Keeping a well maintained garage door, ensures safety, security and increased lifespan of your door.

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