A day in the life of Garage Doors

A day in the life of Garage Doors

Coming from a background in lighting, home interiors and direct sales, I had my reservations when I first decided to take my position at D & D. I mean, how fun could it be to sell garage doors? They’re so “square.” However, I followed my instinct. My gut told me that a company with a story as inspiring as ours is destined for greatness, and I wanted to be a part of it’s future.

I soon learned how much goes on behind the scenes at D & D Garage Doors and the talent combined with the knowledge of so many people working here. From the estimator’s keen eyes that must anticipate every possible issue that could arise before a door is ever put in, to the strength, skill, and, sweat of our installers and service techs who are so beloved by our customers for their politeness and expertise.

Not to mention the folks across the state who do the research, paperwork, and spend long hours in county offices recording permits so that there are no worries on inspection day for you. If you call into our office, you’ll probably get Elizabeth and she will always answer with a smile in her voice…because she is genuinely smiling. Our phones are answered 24/7 and our service department understands your problem and knows that when it comes to your garage door, time is of the essence. We are prepared for your call.

My role, just like all our design consultants at D & D, is to help you have the most pleasant and unexpectedly fun shopping experience that you’ve ever had…or at least ever had buying a garage door! D & D has given me the technology, products, training, and our beautiful Sarasota Design Center that rivals any in the country. Well, except maybe the other 9 Garage Door design centers we have across the state. We are pioneers in our field and we are changing the market landscape of garage doors in Florida.

At D & D Garage Doors we believe that your garage door doesn’t only have to be safe, it should be beautiful, exude your sense of style and transform your home’s curb appeal. Not only can you enjoy your garage door for years to come, but you can start enjoying your “celebrity” service experience from day one. So the next time you are driving by and you see one of our flame adorned work trucks at a home having a garage door facelift, remember you can trust us because those hardworking men are a product of two very hardworking and innovative young brothers.

Dallas and his brother started this business out of a barn and worked hardto place their initials “D & D” on garage doors and operators in homes all over this beautiful state.


Call us when you’re ready and we’ll help you every step of the way, like your own personal ‘Garage Door Concierge’….and by the way, in our world, squares are very sophisticated!



  • Debbie says:

    Michelle you are so right – Garage Doors are not like they were back in our mom and dads time 🙂 Thank you for showing what a wonderful experience shopping for a Garage Door can be.

  • Ginny says:

    What a wonderful and trustworthy Company.

  • Anne says:

    Makes me want to go shopping for a new door!

  • Betty Lou says:

    Michelle I had the pleasure working with you on my door purchase. It was a reall treat and you are right the curb appeal is amazing. My neighbors are so jealous. I am so glad I stopped in your Design Center and had the pleasure of working with you and the whole D&D staff. Great job Paul with the install. Thanks to all at D&D.

  • bob klinger says:

    These guys and this company is for real. My family has used D & D exclusively for homes that we’ve bought, remodeled, and sold as well as our own home. I
    We’ve recommended them to dozens of people over the years. As a home inspector I see lots of garage doors and I’m never disappointed when I see a D&D tag on an installation!

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