Checking Your Garage Door Seals

Checking Your Garage Door Seals

Are you tired of seeing light, leaves, bugs, snakes and lizards in the garage? Do you seem to find puddles of water inside the garage or at the threshold of the garage after a good Florida rain? What If I told you this is a very inexpensive fix?


The answer to this issue is Garage Door Seals! Garage doors are intended to have a nice seal all the way around the perimeter of the garage to prevent those that are not welcomed from finding their way in. Over time these seals do crack, tear and do not work as intended and it may be time to replace or you may not even have a seal installed at all! Here is how to check:


  • To see if your Garage Door has a seal, when your Garage Door is shut look at the bottom of the door. There should be a seal attached to the bottom between your door and the floor of your Garage.


  • On each side and across the top or “header’ of the garage door, you should have some sort of trim with a vinyl flap sealing the top and sides of your garage door. The vinyl seal along the sides and top, and rubber seal across the bottom provides a perimeter seal all the way around the exterior of the garage.


  • Put the door in the fully closed position, allow the lights to go off then look to see how much light you have coming in around the perimeter of your garage door. Lots of Light? Your seals may need to be changed.

These are very inexpensive items and rather easy to change. Get rid of the unwanted debris or visitors by checking the seal of your garage door.  Call D & D Garage Doors today for all of your Garage Door needs!