Can I paint my Garage Door?

Can I paint my Garage Door?

Here at D and D Garage Doors Ft. Myers, we frequently have customers ask us questions about paint and color options for their garage doors. The question, “Can I paint my garage door?”- is no stranger to this garage door company… We know that the right garage door in the right color can transform a home and add that instant curb appeal most homeowners desire.

The most common garage door service question we receive regarding color options is “What colors are available on your steel doors?” – We have a variety of stunning colors available for most steel door models such as, White Almond, Desert Tan, Chocolate and Santone. A select few of our premium doors are also available in Hunter Green and Gray along with Ultra-Grain finished in Medium, Cherry and Walnut.

Another common question we are often asked is, “Can I paint my garage door?” and “What type of paint should I use on my garage door?” – First of all, Yes! You can definitely paint your garage door! All of our steel doors can be painted BUT we strongly recommend using a quality, ACRYLIC latex paint only! Do not use an oil based paint! Using an oil based paint will create a chemical reaction causing the original finish to bubble up and peel off! And you do not want that! Also, if you are painting a dark color consider a thermal reflective paint to keep your door from getting too hot. Dark colors absorb heat and a thermal reflective paint can help keep the temperature down. (*Source: Clopay Garage Doors)

painting garage doorWith Acrylic, latex paint, there is no prep work needed other than to make sure the door is clean and dry before painting. And, there is no change in the section warranty, as long as the above guidelines are followed. HOWEVER, we strongly recommend choosing the right garage door in the right finish when making your purchase decision. We carry a large variety of garage doors in many finishes and colors that will compliment any home so there is no need for any extra work on your end.

One final frequently asked question we get, “I scratched my door. Is touch-up paint available?Yes! Touch up paint is available from your local D and D Garage Doors Design Center. Give us a call, if you know the color of your garage door have that handy and our team will be happy to help you!

So whether you are looking for the right color, have a need to paint your garage door, or do a simple touch up D and D Garage Doors Fort Myers has the answer to any of your garage door service questions!

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    Good information. The type of paint to use was most helpful.

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    It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room in your house, imagine the possibilities on your garage door. I’ve seen some amazing images/paintings on garage doors posted on your website and wondered what they used to create such beautiful art, now I know…..Thanks!

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    I love the new “wood look” doors. So pretty and they already come that way from the factory.

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    Good to know you should use an acrylic paint only. Thanks for the info

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    This is great info a lot of us live near the beach and often paint our doors now i know what to use on my door thanks DandD for all the great advice you share with us !

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    I was just thinking about painting my garage door. The paint is starting to chip off and its starting to look like it needs a face lift. Good to have helpful info like that before getting ready to pick paint and a color. Thanks

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    Yeah for touch-up paint! With a house full of kids, our garage doors see their fair share of surface scratches from bikes and skate boards – glad we can keep them looking nice without needing to redo the whole thing.

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    What a great way to give the biggest opening in your house a face lift.

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    Nice tips, Shirley. A garage door can be painted, but you must use the right type of paint, as you suggested. And as they say, you get what you pay for, so you want to make sure that you use a good quality brand so that you don’t have to repaint your garage door in a year or two. Thanks for sharing those tips.–Ed at American Empire Garage Door in CA

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    Hi Admin, do you know of any store or website that sells quality ACRYLIC latex paint for commercial overhead doors? I do not want to randomly search a store on Google. I might get scammed or fooled.

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