How to buy a new garage door

By September 19, 2012Garage Door Advice

Buying a NEW Garage Door, so much to consider now a days!

For most of us, buying a garage door is not something we’ve done recently. In fact many of us still have the same one that came with our home. Ten to twenty years later, we now realize it’s time to upgrade and improve our curb appeal or maybe we didn’t have a hurricane rated door and want extra security for our family.

Well today, there are a number of things to consider when buying a garage door. This blog will assist you in making the best decision.

First suggestion:

Contact your insurance company to see if a higher “wind loaded” Garage Door will get you a larger discount on your insurance.

Next consideration:

Do you need a door that is insulated? If you have installed an air conditioning unit in your garage because you have a washer and dryer or a workshop in your garage an insulated door may be a better option for you. Insulated garage doors keep the cool in and the hot out, which is what we like here in Florida!

And finally:

Think about what style of garage door will be best suited to the design of my home. Today, there is no limit to the styles and options when it comes to garage doors. This is a real opportunity to change the look of your home without spending a lot of money. If you are going to make the purchase, spending a couple hundred dollars more to add curb appeal & safety features to your home is definitely a smarter investment. Especially since you probably will not need to buy another for at least 20 years, if ever again.

Garage Doors TampaTake advantage of the multitude of designs and colors garage doors now have. They can even be custom made to match your existing front door on your home. From faux wood finishes to composite overlays to carriage style doors, the number of choices is endless. Did you know, that we are able to show you what many of these doors look like on your home before you make your buying decision? Come into any of our design centers across the state of Florida and we’ll show you! Take the time to educate your self and make the best purchase properly, we are here to help!

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  • Debbie says:

    Thank you Will for all these ideas. It is not just about the door but making the door which is one of the biggest parts of your home fit in and not stand out. You have given me a lot to think about and when I am ready I will be calling D and D.

  • Cindy says:

    The D & D Web site is beautiful and easy to navigate, so if anyone is interested in doing some research on a new garage door I highly recommend it.
    The showrooms are show stoppers. They have so many beautiful garage doors that will not only look wonderful on your home but provide you with a
    sense of safety and security.

  • John Dumont says:

    Great information, thank you Will for sharing these ideas and suggestions

  • Michelle LoCastro says:

    It is true how much there is to consider. So many new colors, designs, and construction features. D&D has so much combined knowledge and experience that the process of buying and owning a new door goes amazingly smooth. Great advice!

  • D. Miller says:

    I agree Will. I purchased my door through D&D and they helped me pick out the best door for my needs. I have a workshop in the garage and the insulated door has made a dramatic change in how much cooler my garage is now when i am working in it. Thanks D&D I LOVE my new door!!!