Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken Garage Door Springs

Custom and Made To Order! If you are like most people, you probably pay little attention to your garage door springs, which is completely understandable, I mean, who goes into their garage in the morning holding their cup of coffee to do the daily inspection of their garage door springs? The fact is however, the springs are one of most important parts in the raising and lowering of your garage door and since not all doors are the same– some springs need to be custom made to fit specific doors.
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Most standard springs are kept on the service vans of garage door technicians for easy access. Even the bigger springs that are required for the higher impact garage doors are kept on the technician’s trucks because those are considered standard as well. Any spring that is not on a standard door (odd size or with a heavy overlay) is considered custom and can be custom made. For those types of springs we keep a large amount of oversized springs in stock in our warehouse that can be cut down to size and easily transported back to our customers.

All garage doors are not made the same. There are odd size doors that are wider than your standard 18’ door or taller than the standard 8’, there are also doors with fancy overlays applied to the door which make them heavier than normal. For those doors, a custom spring would be necessary, and since every spring is created based on the door size and weight, each spring is not created the same.

If you find that you may need a new custom spring, based on the type of door you have, one important factor is how quickly can your garage door service provided get you that spring. Typically for us here ar D and D Garage Doors, if a customer needs a custom spring we can on average provide a 24 hour turnaround time.

Since your springs play such an integral part in the mechanical workings of the garage door, it is important that we do pay attention to them. Most springs on average have a 10,000 cycle life before breaking. We make sure that the door you operate is matched with the proper and correct springs so you can get the full cycle life out of them. If you have a broken spring your door will not go up.

*Homeowners should not handle replacing or altering the springs on their garage doors — there is an extreme amount of pressure and bodily harm can occur. Please call D & D or your preferred professional if you feel you need to replace or adjust your springs.