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Why Your Florida Home Needs a Wind Rated Garage Door

Every year from June until November, our beloved Sunshine State is left vulnerable to Hurricane Season. Although storms that are intense are rare. It is important that you and your home are prepared for the worst. One way you can stay READY for Hurricane Season and prepared for high winds is ensuring your home is equipped with a Wind Rated garage door. 

Why Do I Need a Wind Rated Door?

A hurricane can produce winds ranging from 74 mph to about 157 mph. This wind can produce significant amounts of damage, severely impacting your home. You may be thinking your home is safe because you do not live near landfall zones on the coast but the truth is, hurricanes can span a large area and can cause the same damage to a coastal home as to an inland home if the hurricane is devastating enough. 

What Makes a Door Wind Rated?

A Wind Rated garage door is installed like a normal garage door except a wind-rated door has an extra level of reinforcements that are installed on the interior of each panel. This helps protect your garage door from storms and overall protect your home from devastation. These reinforcements can also extend the life of your door. 

How Do I Know What Wind Code My Home Has?

Unaware of what wind code applies to your home? You can find out HERE and use our Wind Code Calculator. We use this to help determine what door you will need depending on where you live. When you fill out this form, our team will even be able to recommend different models that will best suit your home and style. 

Make sure all aspects of your home are up to code for Hurricane Season. If your Florida garage door is not Wind Rated. You could face problems with selling your home and filing insurance claims if it’s damaged. Contact D&D Garage Doors today to find out if your garage is Wind Rated or to explore options when it comes to installing a new garage door. 


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