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Garage Door Repair Sarasota shares Garage Door Etiquette

Garage Door Etiquette…YES there is such a thing!

Have you ever received a phone call from your neighbor, spouse or friend telling you that your garage door was wide open when they drove past your home?

Or have you awaken the next morning and went into your garage, only to find the door open?

Another common complaint we here often is, “Why do I go through so many light bulbs on my opener?”

Here are some solutions to the above that we like to call “Garage Door Etiquette.”

Let’s address the first situation, a lot of times people drive away without waiting a few seconds after the garage door closes. This is the 1st rule in Garage Door Etiquette. Even though we are always in a hurry, it’s smart to wait those few seconds to make sure the garage door remains closed before driving away. We could list many reasons why this is important, one of the scariest being theft/burglaries that occur because of garage door entry. Those who are repeat offenders of this situation should consider upgrading to a LiftMaster MyQ enabled opener that allows you to double check the garage door via your Smartphone or computer. It even allows you to open or close it using your online device.

Moving on to the second situation… We tell our customers all the time to wait until door closes completely when they are going in for the rest of the evening. It’s important to be sure of this before entering the house and shutting your main door. This is what we consider the 2nd rule of Garage Door Etiquette. For example, one time we had a customer tell us that she went into the house without watching to make sure the garage closed all the way. The door reversed and was open all night. Much to her surprise, a raccoon, or some other nocturnal critter of the night entered the garage and tore into a garbage bag that had not made it into the trashcan. You can imagine the rest! This customer is now a believer in our Garage Door Etiquette.

Finally, and this is speaking personally, I can’t seem to get my lovely woman at home to hit the light button when she leaves to walk her precious dogs or before entering the house, thus leaving the garage door light on! I explain this to her and all my customers this saves on light bulbs and our electric BILL! Garage Door Etiquette rule 3 – Hit the doorbell button marked “light.” Maybe if she had to change the bulbs, she would do this simple task??? 🙂

These are just 3 rules of garage door etiquette. I’m sure some of you can come up with a few more. Please feel free to share and comment below. For all your garage door repair needs please give us a call or check out some of our other blog posts!

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