Garage Cleaning Checklist | How To Clean Out Your Garage

Your Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist

Well-organized two-car garage, view from outside, with both garage doors open.

As the flowers bloom and the temperatures rise, it’s time to tackle that long-awaited spring cleaning project. While you’re decluttering and organizing your home, don’t forget about your garage.

Often overlooked, the garage is a vital part of your property and requires some TLC to keep it in top shape. Here’s a comprehensive spring cleaning checklist to ensure your garage, including your garage door, is ready for the season ahead.

Declutter & Organize

Start by clearing out any unnecessary items cluttering your garage space. Sort through tools, sports equipment, and other belongings, and donate, sell, or dispose of items you no longer need. Organize the remaining items into designated zones to maximize space and accessibility.

Clean & Sweep

Sweep the floors and wipe down surfaces to give your garage a thorough cleaning. Remove cobwebs from corners and ceilings, and clean the windows to let in natural light. A clean garage can make the space feel more open and organized.

Check Garage Door Operation

Test your garage door to ensure it’s operating smoothly. Open and close the door several times to check for any unusual noises or delays in movement. If you notice any issues, such as grinding noises or jerky movements, it may be time for maintenance or repairs.

Inspect Hardware & Components

Take a close look at the hardware and components of your garage door, including springs, cables, rollers, and tracks. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as fraying cables, rusted hardware, or loose bolts.

Call D & D Garage Doors to address any issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure safe operation.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Keep your garage door operating smoothly by lubricating the moving parts. Apply a silicone-based lubricant to hinges, rollers, tracks, and springs to reduce friction and prevent premature wear. Regular lubrication can extend the lifespan of your garage door components and minimize the risk of malfunctions.

Test Safety Features

Ensure your garage door’s safety features function correctly by testing them regularly. Check the auto-reverse mechanism by placing an object, such as a broomstick, in the door’s path while closing. The door should automatically reverse upon contact with the object.

Test the photoelectric sensors by waving an object in front of them while the door is closing. The door should stop and reverse if the sensors detect an obstruction.

Clean & Inspect Weather Stripping

Inspect the weatherstripping along the bottom and sides of your garage door for signs of damage or wear. Replace any worn or damaged weatherstripping to prevent drafts, water infiltration, and energy loss. Also clean the weatherstripping regularly to remove dirt, debris, and mold buildup.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Consider scheduling professional garage door maintenance with our D & D Garage Doors team to ensure your door gets a thorough inspection and tune-up. A trained technician can identify potential issues early and address them before they become costly repairs.

Professional maintenance can also prolong the lifespan of your garage door and keep it operating safely and efficiently.

By following this spring cleaning checklist, including garage door maintenance, you can ensure your garage is clean, organized, and functioning optimally. Don’t neglect your garage door — give it the attention it deserves to keep it in top condition and enjoy reliable performance year-round.

Do you need help with garage door repair, installation, or maintenance? You can rely on the team at D & D Garage Doors. Contact us today to schedule your garage door services.


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