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How to replace your garage door springs

Step 1, Don’t DIY! Garage Door Springs and the average handyman are not a match made in Heaven! The main point we want to convey with this blog is Garage Door Safety. There’s no amount of money worth saving that by doing it yourself causes bodily harm. And, when working with torsion or extension springs you are risking serious bodily harm.

On occasion I have had inquiries from handymen or homeowners about replacing their springs on garage doors. My first inkling is to ask if they have the original spring that came off the garage door. Nine times out of ten they say, “No. I just need a spring about this long,“ extending their arms like they are telling a fishing story. “This isn’t rocket science.”

When someone explains things to me in this manner, I start to fear that they will be the ones inflicting bodily harm upon themselves. I explain that there is a formula in figuring out the exact spring that will work on your garage door. I need the inside diameter, the wire size and length of spring in order to get the proper IPPT, which stands for “inch pounds per turn.” The force a spring exerts per one turn of the spring. Each spring is calculated to lift a certain amount of weight per turn. If any of the numbers in the formula are incorrect the spring could either be too weak or too hot, both of which will cause havoc with garage door openers and more importantly your safety.

If you come into one of our design centers with your old spring and you’re able to leave with a replacement spring, great job, but don’t celebrate yet. Here is the most important point I would like to make and please listen when I say, “DO NOT ANYTHING EXCEPT PROPER SIZED WINDING BARS TO PUT TENSION ON A SPRING”. I hear too many times, “Oh, I used some ratchets or screwdrivers and haven’t had a problem yet”. Trust me when I say that YET is closer than you think.
When possible I would suggest leaving this part of the garage door repair to the garage door professionals. This also doesn’t mean, “watching the professionals.” By watching professionals, I mean watching a few YouTube videos DOES NOT qualify anyone to work on garage door springs safely.

In summary, it’s best to have your garage door springs worked on by a professional, unless of course you don’t mind risking bodily harm – in most cases the small service charge is much better than a hospital stay!
So in closing, “how to replace your garage door springs?” CALL A PROFESSIONAL. Stay Safe Florida!


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