Tips for Protecting Your Garage from Break-ins

Protect your Garage from break-ins

Protect your Garage from break-ins

With the holidays around the corner, the rate of home break-ins is much higher than any other time during the year. So, taking extra precautions with securing your home is always a smart idea.

Today one of the easier ways a burglar can get into your home isn’t necessarily the way you think it would be, broken window, entry door. It’s actually the garage door, that’s right the garage door. An intruder, armed with a tool as simple as a wire clothes hanger and the determination to break in has all he needs to get into your locked up home. Even if they aren’t sure how to do it, there are several videos on YouTube and the Internet that can show them how, such as the video below:

**As much as we HATE TO SHOW THIS, we want to show you how easy and vulnerable your home is**

While this video is disturbing and worrisome, there are ways to secure your emergency pull cord and prevent this from happening to you. One way to prevent this is to zip tie around the release which is cost efficient and easy to cut off if opening from the inside is needed.

Another trick would be to get a type of wire mesh to cage around the latch, therefore preventing the intruder from being able to directly reach the latch with his wire hanger. You can see this in the video below:

Break-ins happen every day, and it’s important to keep ourselves informed of how they happen and ways to prevent them. There are several videos online, such as the ones above that can help educate us on how to keep our homes more secure from clever burglars, and yes, they are getting more and more clever all of the time. So do the research, watch the news and stay informed and secure your home TODAY.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and Happy Holidays this season!!

This blog was written by Leslie Llerena from our Sarasota Design Center. Plagiarism is prohibited. *This blog is owned by D & D Garage Doors. 


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