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Why Isn’t My Garage Door Remote Working?

Every homeowner has experienced issues with their Garage Door remote. Sometimes it may just be because the remote itself is finicky or there may be an actual underlying issue. Whatever the case may be D & D Garage Door does not want to leave any homeowner with a broken remote. In order to resolve this issue for homeowners, there are a few items every homeowner should check when their remote is not working in order to truly assess the problem.

Remotes Batteries

This may seem like a no-brainer but a lot of these issues can be resolved just by checking the batteries. Some homeowners forget this, like any other remote, it needs to be regularly changed. Most people assume that these devices do not need to be maintained but when you start to have issues with your remote, you should always first check the batteries.

Circuit Board

If you happen to change your remote batteries and the issue still persists it may be time to check your circuit board. The circuit board is an important part of your remote and Garage Door keypad function. Circuit boards can go out during storm surges which were an issue that occurred a lot during our most recent hurricane, Irma. If this is the case call D & D Garage Doors. We will send out a technician to look at the issue and get your Garage Door back up and running!

Photo Eyes

Now, Photo eyes take the issue to another level. If you have checked your remote batteries and have also ruled out your circuit board, it is time to check your photo eyes. How you can determine this is by checking your LED lights. if there is no LED light on or even flashing what so ever, then your issue lies with the photo eyes. This can be a complicated issue as this means your wiring has been damaged or destroyed. When this occurs it is best to call D & D Garage Doors as this is a very technical issue we do not suggest any homeowner try on their own.

Other than changing your batteries, we do not suggest fixing circuit boards or photo eyes yourself. While changing the batteries can just be an easy fix, circuit boards and photo eyes can be a more complex problem. It is always good to call a professional who can fix the issue correctly without causing harm to your home. Call D & D Garage Doors TODAY so we can get your Garage Door Remotes working again in no time.


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