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Garage Maintenance: DIY or Call D & D?

How to properly maintain a garage door is not something we are taught in grade school. Many people often deal with uncertainty when handling its upkeep. “Am I able to do this on my own?” “Should I call D & D?” “Could this do more harm than good?” If you, too, are unsure of the proper garage door maintenance, these questions may have crossed your mind. Today, we are writing to answer all of these legitimate questions — and more!

What Can You Do To Take Care of Your Garage Door?

Observe – First and foremost, you can observe the garage door whenever you open and close it. Once you become familiar with its speed, sounds and appearance, you will be much more likely to notice if something becomes out of whack.

Hardware Tuneup – With the garage door closed, inspect all roller brackets, bolts, handles, struts and locks and tighten each piece that appear loose. Replace any pieces that appear to be heavily worn or frayed.

Lubrication – Using a non-silicon based lubricant, lubricate the moving parts. These parts include the track steel rollers, Torsion spring, lift cables and hinge pivot points. Do not lubricate the tracks as that may cause the door to become off balance.

Replace Weathrstripping – First things first… the garage door will need to be lifted approximately 6 feet off of the ground, allowing you to pull the old weatherstripping out from the side. Now, using a stiff brush, scrape out old dirt and grime. The new weatherstripping seal may now be placed on to the track. Use a few drops of dish soap as lubrication, if necessary.

Cleaning the Door – Begin by spraying the garage door down with hose. Using warm, soapy water, scrub the door down with a washcloth. Spray the door with a hose once more, and let dry. After the door has dried, inspect the paint.

When Should You Call D & D?

Garage Door Balance – Disconnect your opener by pulling the release handle, and manually move your garage door to the halfway point. If the garage door is unable to remain suspended on its own at the halfway point, you should call D & D as soon as possible. If this issue goes untreated, a more dangerous and expensive situation will result.

Garage Door Cables – Issues with the garage door cables can be identified when it will not open or close completely, it moves at an uncommonly fast or uneven speed or if it does not move at all. It is not recommended that customers work on their garage door cables on their own. Please call us at D & D so that we may properly replace the cables or adjust the tension.

Off Track Garage Door – Due to the size and power of the garage door itself, the best way to fix an off track garage door is to call D & D. This way, you can trust in the fact that your garage door has been safely and properly fixed, without the risk of hurting yourself, your family, your pets or your car.

Deteriorating Rollers – If your garage door rollers appear to need replacement or maintenance call your local D & D and we will come out to safely replace them. Just like fixing an off track garage door, replacing the rollers may be more dangerous than it seems to be.

All of us here at D & D Garage Doors value the customer’s satisfaction more than anything! If you currently have pressing concerns or further questions regarding your garage door, please call us at 888.371.7242 or follow this link to request a service:


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