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Garage Door Trends You NEED To Know

It’s time to dive into the new year! With the turn of the DECADE, there will be, of course, new trends and styles that will take over this year. Here at D & D Garage Doors, we want you to get AHEAD of the curve and try out these new trends on your garage door in 2020. Check out our top picks below!

Dark, Bold Colors


Using black as an accent color has become a HUGE trend that is going to take over this year. This hue is always a good choice for your home and truly gives your exterior a sleek look. It makes a bold statement when you decide to choose black as your standout color, and it will make any home, of any style – POP!

Smart Doors


It is no surprise that smart technology has made the list. Almost everything is automated or has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi nowadays, so why not your garage? Adding Smart Technology to your door allows you to control it from anywhere. No more paranoia of thinking you left your garage door open, simply check it from your phone!

Modern, Glass Doors


Glass doors have become a huge trend in the previous years, and the demand for them is only increasing. This garage door is the PERFECT compliment to any mid-century modern home. These doors are artistic, sleek and durable. Here at D & D, we offer the Clopay Avante Garage Door that hits the mark for this look. These doors even have custom options if you would like to tailor them to your home. 

Add Texture To Your Door


While we love the classic Garage Door, textured garage doors are making a splash in 2020. They are an awesome compliment to any home that has a single hue on their exterior as they draw the eye in on the garage door. These doors are the largest entry point to your home, so why not make them interesting?

Using Garage Doors for Not Just Garages


Garage doors are not just for garages! They can be used in a multitude of places and make for great showstoppers in your home. They can really open up your space and because they fold UP, it leaves for a ton of floor space. One of the most common places to use these doors is in a patio space. They make the transition from living to outdoor space a breeze! 

Interested in adopting one of these trends in the new year? Give your local D & D Design Center a call today! We will be happy to assist you in your new look and help you attain your dream door. 

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