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4 Reasons You Need to Maintain Your Garage Door

Nothing lasts forever, as the saying goes. That applies to everything in life: your job, your relationships, and your belongings. Your garage door is no exclusion to that rule and maintenance is crucial to the proper function of the door. While you won’t be able to keep things in pristine condition forever, a little regular maintenance can definitely extend the life of it. Other than the simple reason for servicing your garage door so it works properly, what other benefits can regular maintenance bring you?

1. Safety

For one, servicing your garage door can help to keep your family safe. If one of the openings or closing mechanisms were to fail, it could cause physical injury to yourself or those who live with you. Regular maintenance or inspection can help to identify those issues early and prevent any mishaps. 

2. Keep Your Home Secure

Another reason to have your garage door checked is for the safety of the belongings inside your garage. Say that your garage door had a faulty security system or an opening system that was prone to hacking, those issues, which sometimes go unnoticed, can enable a thief or hacker to get into your home via the broken garage. 

3. Hardware Protection

Speaking of unnoticed issues, sometimes the worst problems are more subtle, hidden ones. It could be both internal, such as within the hardware, and external, such as the door frame itself. A specific thing to keep an eye on is your garage doors springs. This is no different from your garage door, and a regular check-up on it can help to discover those problems before they become increasingly worse (and expensive!).

4. Don’t Let Issues Spread

So our last reason for garage maintenance is this, check so that the initial problem doesn’t spread! Rust or dirt that isn’t supposed to be on your garage door, tracks, or overhead hardware can affect and spread across to the rest of the garage door, impairing its function. 

In summary, SERVICE YOUR GARAGE DOOR! Regular maintenance can prevent more expensive repairs, prevent problems from spreading, discover hidden issues, extend the life of your garage door, and keep your belongings & your family safe. Who wouldn’t want that? Need your garage door serviced? Give our D&D team a call at 888-371-7242 or book your appointment online here!


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