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Do you need Garage Door Service Daytona?

This blog will help us serve you better by giving you direction on what you’ll need when calling.

Whether you are calling for a new garage door remote (garage door clicker, garage door opener, or garage door transmitter) , a garage service call, or if you are looking for one our many replacement parts for your door or motor, it is important for us to have some key information from you.

For example, DID YOU KNOW that not all garage doors, remotes and motors are the same? There are many different brands, styles, sizes and colors.

Here are a few key points to remember…



  • Have the make and model number of your garage door opener handy. This is important information for us to know. You can find this information underneath the light cover of your motor, or on the back of the motor. Another piece of important information we can use is the part number which is located on the logic board. You can simply bring one of them into our office so that we may be able to match it up to something we have in stock. Keep in mind, some older models do not have parts available anymore, which also rings true if you are trying to get replacement parts for the motor. In this case a universal remote can be used or it may be time to consider an upgrade


  • Look for helpful information on the side of the garage door such as make, model, size etc… This is key, especially when replacing a section of the door. You can even find this information on a sticker located on the inside of the door, but not all doors have this information, which is OK. If your search for this information comes up empty, then one of our highly trained and educated service technicians can come out and determine what type of door you have and we will give you a free estimate.

And last but not least, lets talk about those dreaded times when you need garage door service! When you call in need of service it is very helpful to provide us with as much detail as possible. We know you need to get your door working fast and we want to help you as quickly as possible! This information will help us determine what our D & D technician might be coming out for, and that he is properly stocked & fully prepared. At D & D Garage Doors, our ultimate goal is to make sure we are providing you with the correct parts and service that will work for your specific situation. We strive to deliver prompt & efficient customer service as well as efficiency in product knowledge – this is how we handle all your Ups & Downs!

We hope these hints and tips have been helpful and look forward to hearing from you if and when you need Garage Door Service Daytona!

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