Do THIS To Your Garage Door BEFORE Listing Your Home -

Do THIS To Your Garage Door BEFORE Listing Your Home

There is a long list of things you should do before putting your home on the market, but curb appeal can make or break your home’s value. According to Real Estate Magazine, homeowners that improve their home’s curb appeal sell their property for 7% more than homeowners who do not. Our D & D team has four easy ways you can enhance your garage door, in return, elevating your overall curb appeal and home value. Find out what you can do below!

Add A Fresh Coat of Paint 

Painting your garage door can give your home a fresh look! It’s also more manageable compared to painting the entire exterior of your home. You will need two to three days to complete this project along with dry weather. Begin by choosing your exterior paint of choice, then thoroughly clean the surface of your garage door. Tape any edges or light fixtures necessary and prime your door, letting the primer sit for 12 hours. Finally, using a 2-inch brush, paint your door letting 12 hours pass between coats. 

Add A Trellis 

Adding a trellis or pergola is an easy way to give your garage a facelift and add dimension. Not only is this an easy DIY project, but it is relatively inexpensive to build. Follow this guide for step-by-step directions or you can also opt to buy a kit if you aren’t too handy. A trellis will boost both your home’s curb appeal and landscaping. 

Increase Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a quick and easy way to improve your home’s overall value. Not only is new lighting practical, but it can also add to the aesthetic of your home by illuminating your home’s features while enhancing the safety of your home. Motion censored outdoor lighting will deter any suspicious activity away from your home, but it also allows for neighbors and passersby to see and report any unusual activity. 

Insulate Your Garage Door 

If you didn’t opt for an insulated garage door option, then you know just how hot the Florida heat can make your garage. Fortunately, garage door insulation kits are available at most hardware stores. The installation is simple and quick and only requires a straight-edge knife and a measuring tape. Measure the width and height of your garage door panels, cut the insulation, place it between the horizontal rails of your door, and insert the excess insulation behind the vertical rails. Not only will this improve the value of your garage space, but it will help lower utility bills. 

These are just four ways to transform and improve your home’s curb appeal and value. If you experience any UPS & DOWNS with your garage door, you can rely on our team to handle it. Give our team a call today at 888-371-7242.


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