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Did You Know These Garage Door Facts?!

You may not think twice about your garage door due to the amount you use it, but it is the largest moving component in your home. Choosing the right garage door for your home can go a long way. At D & D, we have serviced our Florida customers for over 30 years, providing the latest technology and designs to handle all your ups and downs! You may think you know all there is to know about your run-of-the-mill garage door. Continue reading to find out some surprising garage door facts!

It’s The New Front Door 

We know what you’re thinking, WHAT? However, according to Door and Access Systems, 71% of homeowners report using their garage door as the main entry point of their home. Due to the convenience and location of parking our cars inside the garage, many enter their homes this way. Making our garage doors the new front door is just one reason why maintenance is essential to its performance. The average garage door goes up and down around 1,500 times a year. Scheduling maintenance with one of our D & D technicians will ensure your garage door is functioning properly for years to come! 

It Can Help Sell Your Home 

Your garage door can actually have an impact on selling your home. An initial impression is formed within seven seconds, so it’s crucial to have the exterior of your home ready for potential buyers. In 2021, garage doors were ranked number one on the highest return on investment (ROI), according to the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report By Remodeling Magazine and the National Association of Realtors

It Saves You Energy

Choosing a properly insulated door can actually improve your home’s thermal efficiency. An insulated garage door accompanied by an insulated garage wall can help control the temperature of your garage space, resulting in lower utility bills. This also allows you to transform your garage into a bonus room, home fitness center, or workshop.

It Protects Your Home During Extreme Weather

In Florida, it is crucial to choose the proper garage door to withstand inclement weather. 80% of home damage is caused by wind entry to the home through the garage. Debris driven by inclement weather can dent, damage, and even penetrate a garage door. A wind code rated and impact rated garage door will protect your home from any extreme Florida weather. Fortunately, our D & D team has an extensive variety and wealth of knowledge in storm-rated garage doors. 

It Should Be Professionally Installed 

You should always have a professional install your garage door. The installation process can be dangerous and confusing. Our D & D team is always here to handle your ups and downs, so when the time comes to replace your garage door, you can depend on us! 

We hope you found these garage door facts as interesting as our team did! For all of your garage door needs, you can count on our D & D technicians to handle your UPS & DOWNS! We have serviced Florida communities for over 30 years, providing peace of mind, quality products, and top-notch customer service. Contact our team today at 888-371-7242 to schedule an appointment.


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