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A Garage Door Christmas Carol

Twas the dawn of transportation in the early 1900’s

So many fancy cars starting to flood the market.

Ford said “Any color you want, as long as its black”

But a good place to park them was something they lacked.

The barn for the buggy was sturdy and true,

But for these shiny automobiles, the smell of horse manure just wouldn’t do!

So, in 1912 an architect designed

A new type of “outbuilding” with the car’s future in mind.

A beautiful box for them that would shelter , protect…

and from the French word “Garer”, the word “Garage” came next.

Yes, Garage Doors were born- but had a long way to go

For they were far from the house and easily trapped by the snow.

Then in 1921, C.G. Johnson decided instead,

“Why not make a garage door that opens over your head?”

And while he was at it, to save your poor back,

He invented the electric opener that runs on a track.

Decades past and homes were now built with this feature,

But hold on to your remotes- here is where D&D comes into the picture!

Mona and Jim Miller fell in love …with the Sunshine State.

And two entrepreneurs were born here that would change the Garage Door’s fate.

Mr. Miller was a builder who believed a man’s home is his palace.

and he brought his two bright eyed boys along named Denver and Dallas.

Great work ethic added to their natural charm.

And just like the first garage door, their legacy started in a barn.

Denver, a brilliant salesman with determination and vision.

Dallas, a problem solving mathematician.

These brothers were opposite as opposites could be,

But put them together and you’ve got “D & D”.

The Miller Barn became a warehouse of dreams

With prayers and a pick up truck, Denver started the business just past the age of 19.

As the winds of change blew across Florida’s landscape,

New construction sales boomed along with Real Estate.

Hurricanes devastated when they came to our shores.

Soon, garage doors were made stronger and more stylish than ever before.

All the while D&D was making a name.

Hundreds of thousands helped by men in white trucks with flames.

Design Centers with salespeople that knew how to present

were created because D & D wanted to be different.

In Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Pt. St. Lucie, Orlando, and Daytona,

In Pt Charlotte, Lake City, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

Soon Treasure Coast joined in the work and

D & D is now known as the “The Garage Door Experts”

In the past century , garage doors were thought of as utility,

But that changed in Florida thanks to D & D.

It took a company with style and flair

To show everyone that garage doors don’t have to be square.

So, this season if garage curb appeal is lacking in your town,

Have a Merry Christmas and remember we’ll handle your ups and down!

*This blog was written by Michelle LoCastro from our Sarasota Design Center.


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