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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Garage Door AND Save Money In The Long Run!

The shocking truth is your garage door is one of the most neglected parts of your home. We focus our attention on the indoors even though the garage door is one of the FIRST things guests see when arriving at your home. Because garage doors take the backseat in most cases, appearance and maintenance tend to slip by without much care or thought. Our D&D Garage Doors team is here to help you take notice of your garage door and ultimately save money in the long run by caring for your door properly.

Open Gaps

Living in Florida, we know the outdoor elements can cause many challenges. Water can cause wrapping and ultimately produce gaps between the ground and your garage door. When your door isn’t sealed properly, this creates opportunities for pesky critters to find a new home in your garage door or intruders accessing your home. By being more cautious of gaps, you can save money by not falling into the trap of hefty repairs, pest removal services, or the replacement of belongings. 

Dysfunctional Sensors 

Your garage door sensors are crucial in the opening and closing of your door. If you notice that your door is opening and closing inconsistently or irregularly, consider this a warning sign. It could simply be a case of your sensors needing a good cleaning or they could need a full alignment. First, check if there are any garage clutter keeping your door from working properly, but if that’s not the case, consider calling our team for a deeper inspection. The last thing you want is to be paying a larger bill because of a little negligence.


Regular maintenance will keep your cables and springs from rusting over time. By ignoring the first signs of rust, you could potentially be ignoring components that will cause a complete system failure. When you allocate time to take action and call a professional, you will be saving yourself money in the long run when your door doesn’t break down. 

Struggling Motor

It seems pretty easy – a garage door should go up and down. However, it is a bit more complex than this. Your door’s motor should be able to match the weight of your door. If your motor doesn’t have enough power to lift your door, this can cause immense stress on your system. Keep a closer eye on your motor to ensure a bigger expense isn’t creeping around the corner.

Faulty Springs

To put it plainly, the durability of good garage door springs can extend the lifespan of your garage door. Opting in for cheap springs can cost you much more in the future when your door acts up and causes repetitive repair services. Plus, having a door act up during an urgent time when you need to get in or out of your garage creates frustration, annoyance, and even tears.

Are you starting to get nervous because you might have noticed one of these signs already? Don’t sweat it! Instead, call our D&D team and we will ensure your ups and downs are handled by a true professional. Contact our team by visiting https://www.danddgaragedoors.com/ or calling 888-371-7242 today!


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