5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Garage Door Opener Now

5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Garage Door Opener Now

Everyone knows those people who have that one garage door…the noisy one that makes the dog bark at 2 in the morning, the one that always complains because their door isn’t shutting properly, or the one that seems like it’s just not safe. Or maybe that’s your home. Any of this sound familiar? It might be time to update your garage door opener.

Although the garage door is never at the top of anyone’s list of things to do, it can get pretty annoying if you notice any of these problems. It’s not just a downside to buy a new garage door opener; there are plenty of reasons and benefits!

  • Smart Home? Smart Garage!


There are multiple “smart home” improvements you can use. Google, Amazon, and several others have competed for the attention within your home, but what about the garage? LiftMaster and Craftsman offer a technology component called MyQ – a Smart Home kit for your garage door, meant to assist with opening and closing the garage door and changing the outdoor lighting from an app. There is also Wifi technology available that enables you to open your garage door with your voice.

  • Safety First:


It happens more often than you think – your garage door can be hacked open by a burglar. Next thing you know, your possessions are stolen. What if your kids or pets were left alone? What if you have priceless valuables in your home, unprotected? Your garage door might not be up to date with the latest safety tech, such as rolling codes. Every time you click your garage door remote, it switches the code each time, preventing remote hacking. The Chamberlain Group, which has several companies in the garage door business, implemented a Security+ program to help with this issue.

  • A Quiet Place…Finally

Garage doors are noisy. If it doesn’t clank and rattle and shake when used, you’re lucky. Otherwise, you now have a few options for the unlucky ones. Your garage door can be fitted with rubber belts rather than the traditional chain drive. Another solution is to replace the steel or metal rollers on the tracks with nylon rollers, reducing the noise even further. This is essential for your home, especially if your bedroom is above the garage.

  • Old Age:


Is your garage door rattling a lot, even more than its usual noise? Does it stop halfway down the rails, causing you to manually push it back or pull it closed? This is a common sign for garage doors, and if it isn’t fixed quickly, it poses a health threat to you, your family and your pets. Plus, it usually costs more to repair everything rather than just buy new parts.

  • Because It’s Awesome!

Okay, please don’t bail on me now. I’m serious. This is a thing. WIRED published an article on the coolest garage door opener ever – complete with LED lighting, Wifi access, Bluetooth connectivity, quiet rollers, adjustable fans, dual-laser parking-assist module, and more as part of RYOBI’s garage entertainment system. It also has a backup battery that assists you in the opening and closing of your garage door in the event of a power outage.

Are you convinced? Call us and we’ll help you get your garage door opener in proper shape!


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