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4 Garage Door Trends To Look For in 2021!

2020 is finally coming to a close, and we can’t wait to see what the new year brings. Alongside making our New Year’s resolutions, planning our New Year’s Eve party, and cleaning up from the holidays, we have another thing on our mind – what’s trending for 2021? Sometimes, the “new year, new me” can be the perfect opportunity to revamp the external features of your home. Here is our official style and trend guide for garage doors for this upcoming year.

Adding Windows

It’s common to see small windows dotting the tops of your standard garage door. However, a trend in 2021 is visualizing new ways to implement glass into your garage doors for functionality and style. Tinting your windows a dark color allows for additional privacy and screening from the sun. Another option? Try frosting the windows instead, giving them a white, clouded look to lighten your door. 

Statement Doors

Chances are, your garage door is the first thing you see pulling into the driveway and exiting your car. First impressions are important, so why not make a statement? Statement garage doors are in this coming year, and the styles can be customized to your home’s theme. Our pick? This beautiful Clopay Modern Steel garage door accented with column window panels makes a bold, classy entrance to any home. 

Steel Doors

Steel garage doors were a classic choice in 2020 that will carry on into 2021. Usually meant for functionality rather than style, steel doors come with an excellent durability rating and thermal insulation. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your door. Paneling and coloring options are available for all your heart’s customization desires. 

Wi-Fi Openers

Smart homes are getting smarter as time goes on, and as we know with all the time we spent at home in 2020, technology is being used more than ever. Enriching your smart home system, or even beginning the switch to a more internet-run home, with the aid of a Wi-Fi opening system can greatly improve your home experience. Some products do more than just open your garage door wirelessly via a mobile device; they can be personalized to your preferred home access routine. 

Overall, 2021 has interesting, classy trends to look forward to in the world of exterior home design. Each trend can be added to the next, so feel free to explore the options of tints, windows, steel doors, glazes, and even the addition of smart home technology. New year, new you, new garage door! Interested? Give us a call at 888-371-7242 to schedule an appointment!


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