6 Ways To Ensure Your Garage Door Is Ready For The Holidays

It’s that time of year again: rental cars line the driveway, families gather for their favorite annual treats, and if you’re hosting, you get the lovely job of cleaning not only your house but your GARAGE. Yes, your garage! Now that the weather isn’t a stifling 90 degrees in Florida anymore, cleaning your garage should become that much more bearable. Here are some helpful and fun tips to keep your garage ready for guests this holiday season!


1. Clean the Outside

The exterior of your garage should be checked for peeling paint, spiderwebs and other bugs or dirt stains. If you have a white garage door, that’s all the more reason to check since everything will show up. Give it a good hose-down and take an old wicker broom to the corners and archways of the garage door.

2. Decorate

Are you a Christmas fanatic? Are you excited about the holidays? Then SHOW IT! Plenty of people decorate the outside of their homes as soon as Halloween hits. After you’re done cleaning the exterior of your garage, feel free to try some stick-on lights, gel clings, or ribbon to celebrate every season.

3. It’s the Inside That Counts…

Now onto the inside of your garage. Make sure to sweep up any debris or clear a path to walk through if your garage is on the small side. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to wipe down the workbench or clean your own car too. Might as well, right?

4. “Bright Paper Packages, Tied Up With String”:

No, this doesn’t mean wrap your garage in wrapping paper. Organizing your garage and using boxes or structured organizers can simplify the process of decluttering your garage. Try picking up new plastic tubs or repurposing some old ones to systemize your garage.

5. Checkin’ it Twice…

Doing a routine check of your garage hardware is never a bad idea. Make sure the parts are lubricated, free of debris, and functioning as normal. Another important item to check is to see if your main garage remote works, as well as any,  spares you may have. Giving your family member a dysfunctional remote would not be the best way to start their vacation. 

6. Get a New One!

Thinking about getting a new garage door? TREAT YOURSELF! Merry Christmas to you! Give yourself the early, useful, and practical gift of a new garage door this holiday season. No cleanup is needed, and all you have to do is put on the decorations!



Whatever your holiday plans are, D&D Garage Doors is here to help you out! We can do anything from routine check-ups and maintenance to helping you purchase and install your new garage door. Give us a call at 888-371-7242!