5 Ways To Prepare Your Garage For Garage Sale Season

By March 29, 2021Helpful "HOW TO"

SPRING CLEANING season is here and with that, we know garage sales are more common to help clear out some of the clutter to make a little extra cash! Check out these tips to make your garage clean out a little easier…

Work Ahead Of Time

It may feel like a daunting task, but once you realize your garage will be more functional once unused items are gone, you should feel more confident with the task at hand. Start by going through the items in your garage. We know firsthand the garage can become a catchall for a plethora of items. Once you thoroughly go through your garage, step inside and sort through other catchall areas such as cabinets, closets, and even under the bed!

Categorize Items

Once you have gone through your space, now it’s time to categorize your items into 3 basic categories: keep, sell, and trash. This is a great way to remove clutter and get your home in a great place, even before selling your items begins. Just think … now you might even be able to see your garage floor again! Just imagine what it will be like once those items actually sell and are fully removed from your space.

Clean Up

Something to keep in mind that can easily be forgotten during the hustle and bustle of pricing garage sale items is the cleanliness of your space. Most of the time, the people attending your garage sale are complete strangers and we know time and time again that first impressions make a difference. To ensure a clean space for visitors and a successful garage sale, sweep your garage floor and tidy it to the best of your ability. Sure, there is going to be somewhat of a mess, but this tip will benefit you at the end of the day.

Define Your Area

Where some might prefer to keep garage sales strictly in the driveway and sidewalk, others may prefer a combination of inside the garage and the exterior spaces. If you’re open to welcoming visitors into your garage, plan ahead by creating zones to ensure the flow of traffic will make sense within your confined space. One way to do this is by creating a U-shaped perimeter with rows down the middle. Keep in mind you will want to cover any items that are not available for purchase!

Turn Your Space Into A Store

Creating a fun shopping experience will make the day more enjoyable for you and your visitors, and possibly even more lucrative for you! To make your garage sale more fun and easy, try to display your merchandise inside or outside your garage like a store. By grouping like items, bundling lower value items, and hanging higher value clothing items, your garage will be a fun house to hit in the garage sale shopping day! 

Our D & D team certainly hopes this fast and easy read has you not only thinking about garage sale season but excited for the possibilities! When it comes to handling your ups and downs, our team has the solutions to pesky garage door repairs and or exciting new installations. For more information, contact our team by dialing 888-371-7242 or visiting https://www.danddgaragedoors.com/contact-d-and-d-garage-doors/. We wish you a successful garage sale season!