5 Ways To Hurricane Proof Your Garage

While hurricane season started back in June, so far this year, we have been fortunate enough to not experience any terrible storms. However, August and September are the peak months of hurricane season. Living in Florida, preparation is essential to ensuring your home and family are taken care of beforehand. Here are five ways you can prepare and hurricane proof your garage this season.

Invest In A Wind-Resistant Garage Door

If you don’t currently have a wind-resistant garage door then now is the time to consider making that investment. Start out by checking local codes in your area. In some areas, there are codes that require garage doors to withstand winds up to 130 mph. There are two grades of doors to choose from after researching local codes: an impact-resistant door made up of steel or fiberglass or a hurricane-proof door that has an extra-strong steel track and twist-resistant framework. Contact our D & D team about which option might be best for your home!

Install Garage Door Bracing Kits

By installing a bracing kit, you will be sure to prevent your garage door from falling in the midst of strong winds and rain. This can be attempted in a DIY effort but must be secured with mounted screws at the appropriate screw locations. If this is a task you don’t want to do on your own, you can feel free to contact our team for further assistance.

Decrease The Clutter

The garage is typically a storage space for many homeowners, but over time, the garage can become a disorganized and cluttered space in your home. With a hurricane moving through your area, excessive debris can mean an increased chance for your items to get damaged and can create an unsafe area with many tripping hazards. You should thoroughly inspect and clean your garage before a storm hits, discarding unneeded items, relocating sentimentals, and adding better storage options to your space.

Inspect Electrical Wiring

Any exposed or frayed electrical wires can cause major damage in the case your garage floods or suffers severe structural damage from a hurricane. Take the time now to inspect any wiring within your garage. If you see anything worthy of a much-needed repair, contact an electrician immediately. Do not attempt a DIY fix!

Protect From Water Damage

To further protect your items from water damage during flooding, put sandbags in front of your closed garage door. Living in coastal locations throughout Florida, sandbags, and tarps should be held onto throughout the season. Additionally, apply sealant tape or weatherstripping along the bottom of your door and around each window. Any cracks and holes should also be repaired to ensure there are no weak structural areas prone to leaking. Inspect walls, doors, and windows first and call a professional to repair if necessary.

One thing is certain: safe is better than sorry. Take the time to reevaluate your own garage and make upgrades and repairs as necessary. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you’re regretting not taking the time to secure your home and belongings. For further assistance this hurricane season, contact our team at (888) 371-7242 today.