5 Killer Garage Door Trends You Need to Know for 2019

The New Year is here! And with that comes a brand new style. Yes, just like everything else, Garage Doors have trend expiration dates, too. Is your garage door in need of a facelift? Watch out for these 2019 trends that are on the rise in home curb appeal.


Mid-Century Modern

2019 trends

Not all trends are “new.” Mid-century flair has been on the rise since last year. The trend originally started in interior design but we are now starting to see it go to the exterior. The mid-century modern look provides a fresh twist on a vintage look.


Bold Colors

2019 trends

Show your personality LOUD and PROUD by adding a bold color to your garage door. A statement color like a bright blue against muted tones really adds style to your home. You can tie it together with your shutters or even your landscape. Not sure if a bold color will look good on your door? Let our design center test it out.



2019 trends

Be one with Mother Nature with an eco-friendly garage door. These garage doors are not ONLY stylish but also help the earth at the same time. How cool is that? Eco-friendly garage doors can also lower your energy bills, lower maintenance costs, and enhance your overall curb appeal.


High-End Technology

2019 trends

Another big trend in 2019 is hooking up your garage door with all the latest technology. Like LiftMaster garage door technology allows you to control your door right from your smart device while in town or away. Our trusted garage door technicians can simply install this system for you and it can also increase the overall safety of your home.


Old Fashioned Accents

2019 trends

Add some classic accents to your garage door to give it an old world feel but a high-class look. Instantly transform the look your 2019 home with these Clopay carriage style garage doors. They are perfect for brick homes, homes looking to add curb appeal or adding personality to your exterior.  


Thinking of upgrading your home to one of these latest trends? Give our Design Center a call today and we can help you style, color and install your brand new garage door in no time.