Truck and trailer door repairs

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D & D is proud to offer commercial garage door repair. We repair truck doors and we repair trailer doors for commercial businesses!

Many businesses depend on their trucks for transporting goods and products to their customers. When a truck or trailer door is broken or inoperable, the loss of that vehicle can be an inconvenience to operating ”business as usual.” Better yet, this may be a serious danger hazard for your employees trying to operate a broken truck or trailer door. At D & D Garage Doors, we service and repair truck & trailer doors throughout the State of Florida. These repairs are done at one of our locations, as they require special tools and parts that our every day technicians do not carry on the road with them.

You can trust that at D & D Garage Doors, your truck door is being repaired properly. We take great pride in our work and Complete door replacement available
• Low cost annual “Tune Up” service
• Work performed by experienced, trained technicians
• Service to all makes of truck doors

When truck or trailer doors are damaged it is important to repair them right away. Many clients call us due to water-damaged panels. It is important to take care of these damaged panels sooner than later. The last thing you want is for cables to pull through the damaged area on the panel. When this happens the door will be inoperable and could lead to injury when the cables pulls through. Keeping your doors safe keeps yourself and your employees safe.

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