Garage Door Accessories

At D & D Garage Doors, we know that in today’s age of technology, it only makes sense to live each day with certainty that your property and home are secure, and garage door accessories allow us to do so. We are able to add countless garage door accessories to your home garage — each with its own unique ability to add ease to your day.

Internet Gateway

The Internet Gateway MyQ Accessory enables smartphone control of the garage door and lighting. This is particularly beneficial when the homeowner is out of town, or pretty much anywhere other than his or her home. The remote control proves to be handy when letting your dog walker in while you’re on vacation or even allowing your neighbor inside to double check that your stove is off. 🙂

Nest Cam

With this accessory, it will hardly even feel like you have left your home. The Nest Cam may be located inside your garage, at your front door, inside your home, or anywhere else that best suits your home’s security needs. This accessory guarantees peace of mind that your home, loved ones, and property are all safe and sound.

CAR2U Repeater Kit

This kit allows compatibility between garage door openers and your vehicle, adding ease while entering your home!

Universal Keyless Entry

Did you forget to grab your house keys? Driving a car without CAR2U compatibility? No need to worry — the Universal Keyless Entry System will always grant you access! Secure this entry pad right in front of your garage door. Your programmed 4-digit code is sure to get you inside!

Smart Control Panel

Become the master of your garage with the Smart Control Panel! This device grants you a multitude of powers. You can open or close your garage door and even turn on the lights! Additionally, it allows you to monitor the garage temperature. No need to fear garage dilemmas … this panel gives you system diagnostics and comes with its own Maintenance Alert System!