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Why You Need to Have a Wind Rated Garage Door

Although Florida isn’t known to have heavy wind regularly. It is imperative for all homes throughout the state to be equipped with Wind Rated garage doors. The Atlantic Hurricane Season lasts a full six months — from June all the way until November.

That means that for half of the entire year, the state of Florida is susceptible to being hit by a hurricane. Hurricanes bring in wind ranging from 74 mph to greater than 157 mph. These high wind speeds do not only impact coastal cities like Miami and Jacksonville. Even interior cities, such as Ocala and Lake City, can face

devastation from a hurricane.

When a garage door is becoming “wind rated,” reinforcements are installed on the interior of each panel. Not only will a Wind Rated Garage Door protect your home’s largest entry point during a storm. It will also extend the life of your garage door’s structure.

If you are unsure of what wind code applies to your home, use our Wind Code Calculator. This is what we use during our preliminary design process. Once you fill out some information about your garage door, we will even be able to recommend some of our garage door models that will best suit your home’s needs.

It is important to make sure all aspects of your home are up to code. If your Florida garage door is not Wind Rated, you could face problems with selling your home and filing insurance claims if it’s damaged. Contact D&D Garage Doors to find out if your garage is Wind Rated or to install a new door!


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