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Every Florida Home Needs These Garage Necessities

Many Florida homeowners take full advantage of spacious garages, utilizing the extra room to store more than just a car overnight. From our experience, our D & D team has seen many clever ways to make this space extremely convenient and functional. Here are a few necessities that we have found every Florida home should include. 

Proper Garage Door

A garage isn’t functional if it doesn’t have the right door to accompany it! However, your door should be well maintained. If you have been battling a finicky door for the last few months or cosmetic flaws are beginning to show, now is the time to update your garage door. Maybe now is even the time to pull the trigger on the new door style you have been loving. Overall, you want a quality garage door that is durable to withstand Florida weather patterns, protect your home from outsiders, and still enhance your curb appeal.

Crafty Storage

We know the garage is the place where random items accumulate, whether that be sports equipment, holiday decor, or even items ready to be donated but haven’t made it that far. Investing in garage storage is a necessity to keep your garage organized and functional. Consider inserting a storage locker, overhead storage racks, or cabinet shelving to keep your items in the right place. You can purchase storage options at an affordable price on Amazon!

Functional Workbench

Your tools need the appropriate workspace where you can tinker and tackle projects! Workbenches come in a variety of sizes so if you’re a handyman or just handle a few DIY projects each year, your workspace can accommodate your needs. Workbenches can be picked up in several places, such as Walmart or Home Depot, to ensure this necessity is met and your new workbench finds its home in your garage.

Simple Wireless Speaker

Now a wireless speaker is a MUST for your garage! While you’re tinkering with projects or washing the car in the driveway, your wireless speaker will play your favorite music or podcast, supplying the perfect amount of entertainment while you work. A simple wireless speaker can be purchased for as cheap as $20! While you’re at it, get an additional phone charger to keep in your garage near your speaker.

Portable Fan

Since most garages don’t have an air conditioner attached, a portable fan will keep you cool when you’re tinkering with projects or working out in your garage, especially during the sweltering Florida heat. Fans provide the much-needed ventilation garages lack and can be purchased online or in retail stores, like Target. Fans are also great in garages if you’re painting or working with chemicals to keep you safe from fumes. 

The best part about these garage necessities is that each item is fully customizable to fit you and your home’s needs, as well as ranges in price to suit any budget. If you want to upgrade your garage door but only need minor storage space, this is an easy task to accomplish, especially with our team assisting with your ups and downs. Contact our D & D team to learn more about how we can assist you!


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