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Get Your Garage Door Ready For The Holidays

‘Tis the season to let your holiday spirit shine! It is common to prioritize holiday decor on the interior of our home and set exterior decor on the back burner. However, keep in mind that the majority of people will only see the exterior of our home! Deck the halls with these tips to get your garage door festive for the holidays! 

Add Lights 

What better way to kick off the holidays than with hanging lights! Our D & D team suggests lining your garage door with lights to give it depth, although it is important to be careful of nailing lights into the trim. Roof or gutter clips are ideal to press into the exterior of your home to assist with hanging. Avoid actual panels of your garage door to prevent damage. If you do wish to hang the lights on the door itself, make sure to use an adhesive that won’t affect the door’s paint. Last but not least, ensure that the wires are plugged into a safe, out-of-the-way spot, and no cords are in the way of the door or sensors. 

Enhance With Garland 

Garland is a beautiful decorative accent for your home! If you are going for a clean and classic look, framing your garage door with garland is a terrific idea! Whether you choose real or fake garland, it is a timeless addition. Fake garland is best for reuse throughout the years and for its resistance against natural elements, like wind and rain. 

Decorate With Wreaths

A classic accessory for any home during the holidays and a perfect addition to garland is a wreath! Traditionally, wreaths are placed on front doors, but there is always an opportunity to include smaller wreaths attached to carriage lights and a large wreath above your garage door. 

Include Magnets 

If you are more of a last-minute decorator, then we have an easy fix for you! Holiday magnets are the perfect solution for the homeowner that is always in a hurry but wants to join in on the neighborhood decorations. They are easy to come by, customizable, and couldn’t be easier to apply to your garage door!

Wrap It Up

Another easy decorating idea is wrapping your garage door like a present! There are a few ways to do this! It is important to take weather into account when choosing your materials since December is bound to bring precipitation of some sort. A simple way of doing this is by placing a large bow across your garage door either vertically or horizontally. A more elaborate take on this is using a weatherproof material to completely cover your door like wrapping paper and use duct tape or electrical tape to hold it!

Use A Projector 

As technology has advanced, so have holiday decorations! Projectors and laser lights have made it painlessly easy to install holiday decorations to your home. Projectors are a great alternative for those who rent their home and don’t want to make permanent changes to the exterior. The only downside to this method of decorating is that it will most likely only be seen at night. However, you have the ability to get creative and project holiday scenes, photos, and even movies for your neighbors to enjoy!

Our D & D team hopes this has inspired you to get into the holiday spirit and spruce up your garage door for the season! If you run into any complications this holiday season, our team is here to handle your ups and downs. Give our team a call today at 888-371-7242!


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