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How to Choose an Outstanding Garage Door Color You’ll Love

While there are many factors that contribute to the overall exterior look of your home like landscape, lighting, and home accessories, few are as important as your use of color. Every small hue on the outside of your home as a large impact whether it be your siding, window trim or shutters. An area of your home where you must be extremely particular about your use of color is your garage door. Your garage door is the main attraction of your home, considering it is quite large the color chosen for your door is crucial.

The wrong color choice for your garage door can throw off the whole exterior look of your home. It can make or break your curb appeal. Make sure that when you are looking to pick out a new garage door color that it makes sense for your home.

Garage Door Color

White Exterior

When a home has a white exterior, you have a little more flexibility when it comes to the color of your garage door. Although dark tones work best with this color home. We suggest going with black, brown, or dark gray. Again this is still dependent on the color scheme on the exterior of your home to see which dark tone works best. Want to try this look on your home, try our Door Imagination Tool.

Garage Door Color

Earth Tone

Typically the best garage door color that works best with these hues is white. Adding a white garage door adds a brightness and clean look to your home.

Garage Door Color

Matching Your Trim

Another good rule of thumb is to pick out your color based on the trim of your home. This works best when your home is a bold and bright color or just a unique one. This way your home really looks tied together and there is a consistent theme to the exterior of your home.

Garage Door Color

Two-Tone Your Garage Door

Accentuate the craftsmanship of your garage door with two-tone. The two hues really make the garage door build really stand out. When you have great garage doors like these – SHOW THEM OFF!

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