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7 Ways To Utilize Your Garage Space

When was the last time you really went through and organized your garage? Since school is back in session, NOW is the perfect time. An organized garage is essential during this time of year because it will make school mornings easier and after school activities go smoothly when locating that missing cleat or lunch box. Here are seven ways to make use of your space and create clarity in your garage.

Create Your Own Laundry Space

Do you have your laundry area in your garage? Make the most of it! Easily add space for darks and lights for simple separation. You can also add extra storage around your washer and dryer for items like detergent and fabric softener. This allows you to have your own organized space without the clutter.

Finally Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Your garage is the perfect place to store cleaning supplies AND keep it out of reach of children. Go a step further and take a pegboard so each cleaning tool has its own home. This way, you can ALWAYS locate a broom or duster right when you need it most. 

Consolidate Sports Equipment

Say goodbye to loose basketballs and footballs rolling around in your garage. Easily install this simple catcher that will keep all your sports equipment in ONE PLACE. That way, you no longer have them thrown all over the garage but in one simple place. This is a great installation for children since it gives them easy access to take out a ball and put it away when they are done!

Simple and Clean Entryway

Most of us don’t think about the entry point from our garage to the interior of our home as we typically leave it blank. Why not add a POP of color to your door? This is a fun way to add personality and also pull your entire garage together to make it stand out. This look is clean and can give your garage the appearance or coordination when paired with like-colors throughout as pictured here. 

Color Coordinate

Create more consistency in your space by selecting colors for your garage as you would any other room. This will provide a better flow and the instant appearance of organization by color-coding. Select soft hues that convey relaxation such as light blues, beige or navy. Selecting baskets, rugs and other storage items that are in this family of colors will declutter your garage.

Overflow Storage

Are you someone who stocks up on items like paper towels and water bottles? If so, this storage tip is for you! Simply put your items in a clean, organized area such as a storage rack. This will allow you to know EXACTLY where you store these items and will allow for easy access when you need to grab a new roll. Display them in an organized fashion OR tuck them into baskets for a hidden appearance. Whichever you prefer!

Create Your Own Drop Zone

Create a simple and organized drop zone for your family with these individual cubbies. This will allow you to stay organized for school and sports. Give each child their own hook and cubby to store their backpacks, shoes and related items so they never go missing again. The garage is the PERFECT place to stake out your drop zone as it eliminates items being carried into your home – creating a mess. 

Now that you have taken care of the INSIDE of your garage, it is time to take care of the EXTERIOR. If you need a new garage door, contact your local D & D Design Center today. Our team of experts is ready to help you achieve your garage door goals and make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Visit us or call our team today at 888-371-7242.


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