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5 Ways You Can Decorate Your Garage Door During The Holidays

The holiday season is officially in full swing. With Halloween kicking-off our 2020 holiday season, we want to remind you not to forget about garage door decorations. There are numerous ways you can dress up your door this season and incorporate it into your overall holiday theme. Here are five ways you can decorate your garage door!

1. Use Garage Door Magnets 

This simple decorating tip is something you can do while on a budget. You can purchase garage door magnets HERE and have a beautifully decorated door without the hassle of hanging lights or other decorations. This simple solution allows you to look festive with minimal effort!

2. Use A Projector 

Another effective way to dress up your garage door is by using a projector to cast designs. This allows you to look festive without having to actually place anything on your door. If you are worried about damaging your door due to excess decorations, this is the best route to take. As an added bonus, play festive tunes to go along with your projection and turn your driveway into a holiday show!

3. Use Lights

Adding lights to frame your garage door is a great way to highlight it without hanging anything directly on it. This allows you to give your door the attention it deserves! Whether it is Halloween or Christmas lights, you can add extra outdoor lighting by using temporary hooks to frame the edge of your door. Simply use exterior lights, find hooks at your local drug store or hardware store, and you’re all set!

4. Add Garland

Weather permitting, add a string of garland above your door. This can be done with classic fall decorations or using a standard Christmas garland. This adds a touch of festivity while still complementing the overall look of your door! 

5. Get Animated

Bring your door to life by using its natural features. Incorporate the garage door lift and animate your door just like these homeowners did with SPOOKY Halloween decorations. This will gain every neighbor’s attention and appreciation during the holiday season.

Take your holiday decorations to the next level with these festive ideas! Ready to give your garage door an upgrade? Give your home the gift of a new door with the help of our D & D Design Center Team. We will happily walk you through the process and ensure you receive the door of your DREAMS! Contact us at D & D Garage Doors or call today at 888-371-7242


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