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5 Easy Ways To Organize Your Garage


Our garages can be used for a multitude of purposes which, in return, can create an influx of clutter. Fortunately, our D & D team is here to handle your ups & downs, even if that means decluttering and organizing your garage. Our team has listed out FIVE easy storage options that are easy to install and maintain. Let us break it down for you below!

Vertical Wall Shelving 

Get the most out of our space by capitalizing on vertical storage space in your garage. Vertical wall shelving provides more space for storage bins, containers, or tools in your garage. Mounted wall shelves go higher than traditional metal shelving, which is ideal for seasonal decorations or items you only need access to seasonally.

Metal Shelves 

Since installing mounted shelving isn’t always conducive to the construction of your home or the state of your living situation, metal storage shelves are a great alternative. Although metal shelving units are an investment, they are reliable and can withstand the weight of your storage items. If metal shelving is out of your price range, you can always opt for plastic shelving units. An additional bonus to this storage option is they are transportable and can move to different rooms based on your needs, or even move to a new home with you!

Track Systems

Track systems are ideal for awkwardly shaped items, especially lawn care tools. They also come with a variety of hooks and attachments that allow you to store and hold just about anything! Whether you want to vertically hang your family’s bikes, lawn tools, or athletic equipment.


Pegboards are an easy and practical way to store tools and supplies vertically. Whether you are creating a workstation or looking to further organize tools, this is an easy way to handle it! Hang small hand tools, garden tools, and even cleaning items, such as mops and brooms, on your pegboard.

Organize In Zones

Creating zones for your garage storage will aid in further organizing your home’s clutter. Whether your kids’ sports equipment is scattered all over the place or your seasonal decorations need a new home, this is bound to help. Designing areas designated for sports equipment will allow your children to drop off their equipment in one area rather than throwing it around the garage. Placing your seasonal decorations into bins and labeling them will allow you to identify where everything is. It is also smart to place common items on lower shelves and seasonal items on higher shelves since you won’t be grabbing them quite as frequently. 

These EASY storage solutions will handle all of your ups & downs throughout the year, allowing you to take back your garage space! If your garage needs more than garage organization, our D & D team has been a trusted garage door service provider for over 30 years and is here to handle your ups and downs. Give our team a call today 888-371-7242 to schedule an appointment.


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