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5 Best Storage Options For Your Garage

Is your garage looking more like THIS than you care to admit? Fall is the perfect time for a seasonal refresh of your space! Our D & D team has the perfect storage solutions to handle your UPS and DOWNS. Continue reading to learn the BEST ways to organize your garage this season.

Mounted Wall Shelves

One benefit of garages is they typically offer a good amount of vertical space. Mounted shelving allows you to design the shelves to the height that you want and they can also bear the weight of heavier objects. Although this organizational option isn’t conducive for rentals, it is perfect for a long-lasting organization system in your home!

Freestanding Shelving Unit

If mounting shelves isn’t an option, metal or plastic shelving units are always a great alternative! The material of your shelving unit will affect its overall performance. Metal shelving units are more expensive upfront, but they will outlast plastic units and bear more weight. Shelving units are also portable and great for transitional seasons in life such as moving or renting.

Track System

Track systems are terrific for awkwardly shaped items! There are so many great attachments to hang tools, equipment, chairs, and even bikes, to keep them out of the way. They are space-saving and allow you to use the vertical space of your garage to your advantage.


Pegboards are an inexpensive and effective way to further organize your garage. They are a versatile way to organize and store clutter such as miscellaneous small tools. Not only do they let you view everything in plain sight, but they allow for every tool to have its own home base.

Storage Bins

Bins and baskets are much sturdier than traditional cardboard boxes to organize belongings. Although any storage bin will do, transparent bins are great for knowing what is in them and to find items easily! Labeling your bins is also a great way to further organize your garage into categories. 

If you need more than garage organization to fulfill your vision, our team at D & D Garage Doors can help! Not only will our team give you the garage door of your dreams, but we will handle all of your ups and downs along the way. Give our team a call today at 888-371-7242.


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