5 Ways You Can Help Out Your Community 

By March 23, 2020Charity, Helpful "HOW TO"

Even while we are social distancing, we can get out there and help our community. Right now, it’s more important than ever that we are doing this to help out our local community flourish. Here are five simple things you can do to help others and spread positivity out into our community. 


Support Local Businesses


With businesses at 50% capacity and some shut down entirely, it is imperative that we are lending support where we can. One thing you can do to help is to buy gift cards at local stores and restaurants. If they are still open, order take out! We can assure it would mean the world to these mom & pop shops who are being hit during this time. 


Go To the Store For Someone Who Can’tcommunity

Right now we are encouraged to stay indoors and only leave when necessary. While some of us are not at high risk, others do not have the luxury to go out even when they need to. If you are someone who is not at high risk, it would be a great gesture & idea to go to the store for someone who can’t. Whether it is a family member or friends, we all have to help each other out right now. 


Donate Blood


With thousands of blood drive events canceled due to the outbreak, the American Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers have announced that they have a “severe blood shortage.” Anyone who is healthy is encouraged to still donate blood or platelets. In order to give blood, all you have to do is call and schedule an appointment through the Red Cross!


Reach Out To Family Members


Right now, individuals over 60 years of age are at a higher risk than those that are younger. It is important you are staying in contact with family and checking in on them if they need anything. This is a very turbulent time for those that are high-risk and can be very nerve-racking. So make sure you are staying in contact with family and friends.


Write Letters To Nursing Homes


With the kids now at home, it is important to find productive and positive things for them to do. One thing you can do that will brighten others’ day is write letters to nursing homes! This is a great activity to conduct with kids and to those who are not allowed visitors in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. We can guarantee that it will spread positivity and it’s social-distancing friendly! 


We are all in this together. It is important that as a community, we are relying on each other during this trying time. A little goes a LONG way and here at D & D Garage Doors, we want to spread some positivity into the community by sharing these helpful tips. Now, get out there and HELP OTHERS!