What kind of Spring does my garage door have?

What kind of Spring does my garage door have?


Most people don’t think of taking care of their garage door springs as an important task,  until it is too late. We receive dozens of calls about repairing garage door springs but our customers don’t know which type of spring they have.  It is very important to know which spring is on your garage door, as the spring is the most important part of your garage door. It also helps our technicians know which spring they are dealing with and how to properly fix your garage door. There are two main types of garage door springs that are in most residential homes, the torquemaster spring and the torsion spring.  

The first common garage door spring is the torsion garage door spring. When placed on a garage door you typically use 1 or 2 springs depending how large your garage door is. A torsion spring has an exposed coil and it is usually easier to see at glance if the garage door spring needs to be repaired or not. If you have torsion springs on your garage door and one breaks, it is a wise decision to go ahead and have both replaced. This is due to the fact that garage door springs have about the same lifecycle, so if one breaks the other one will eventually follow suit.20160518_154548_resized

The second most common spring that is present in residential homes is the torquemaster garage door spring. These springs are very similar to torsion except that they are smaller and their coils are not exposed. Torquemaster springs are safer in homes because if they do break, they’re enclosed and there is no debris. Considering the coils are not shown this keeps the coils free of dust, giving them a longer lifespan than the latter. Like torsion springs, you have one or two springs depending on the weight of your door.20160518_154935_resized

Once you are aware of which garage door spring you have, D & D Garage Doors can then properly assess how to fix your garage door and get it working as soon as possible!

CAUTION: Homeowners should NEVER attempt to change their own garage door springs.  Springs hold an immense amount of pressure and serious injury can occur.  Please only hire a professionalto work on your broken garage door springs.


  • johncbenavides says:

    it is usually pretty obvious when a spring is broken,the door won’t work and the spring is in two pieces. Broken springs will need to be replaced. 

  • judy wilson says:

    Thanks for going over these different garage door springs. After hearing about how I have to replace my spring when it breaks, I started to worry about knowing what kind I need to get. Posting these pictures will help me get a better idea of what my spring is supposed to look like. I remember that I couldn’t see the coils, so I think that I might have a torquemaster garage door spring. Now that I have a better idea of what I have, I’ll be prepared to replace it before it wears down and breaks.

  • Les Wayerski says:

    I’m replacing the torquemaster spring and I messed up the plastic liner do I have to have one

  • Sarah Anderson says:

    Indeed, garage door springs are very dangerous to mess with. Maintenance on the garage door is usually left to the professionals in my household. No one wants to loose a finger or somethig