TOP 3 Reason’s to choose a LIFTMASTER 8550 with Battery Back-up

What are the Top 3 Reason’s to choose a LiftMaster Belt Drive 8550 garage door opener with battery back-up?

We thought you’d never ask

Number 1: Being able to open your garage door even with a power outage!

Now let’s face it, just how many times have Florida homeowners lost power due to our erratic storm patterns over the past 10 years? This may be true even if you are not a Florida homeowner. Recently many all over the east coast experienced severe power outages (some still without) during the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. Knowing that you can still hit that clicker and the garage door will open is great peace of mind. Many times homeowners may pull into their driveway not knowing their home has lost power. Imagine it’s pouring rain; thunder, lightning and you have to get out of your vehicle and run to that front door! Not with a battery back-up garage door opener. We definitely recommend these to all of our homeowners. They are safe, reliable and affordable. If you are making the decision to buy a new opener, it’s at least worth doing your research.

Number 2: Very quiet!

You know that feeling when you literally squirm knowing you have to open or close your garage door. Nervous you will wake the neighbors, or is your child’s bedroom above the garage and your husband leaves at 5am? If this is you, STOP living this way. LiftMaster belt drive openers are known for how quiet they really are! If you don’t believe us, check out another bloggers post on how quiet her LiftMaster 8850 is!

Number 3: Lifetime warranty of drive belt and motor

At D & D Garage Doors we’ve been in business for over 20 years. We are family owned and operated and will be for generations to come, so when we recommend something we truly believe in its quality! The LiftMaster 8550 comes with a lifetime warranty on the drive belt and the motor. This means LiftMaster supports and backs it products because they believe in their safety and reliability. If you still need to see it for yourself, please feel free to come into one of our design centers. Here you can operate an operator and listen just how quiet and smooth it really is. We have several openers on the floor for demonstration as well as a variety of garage doors. So much has changed when it comes to purchasing a garage door and opener for your home, come in and let us show you what’s new!

LiftMaster 8550 at D & D Garage Doors

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  • Bob Tetreault says:

    Bill Chindamo at the Fort Myers showroom was a great help to us in deciding which garage door screen to purchase. We had lots of questions and several delays, but he stuck with us provided excellent service. Thanks Bill!