Scheduling maintenance for your garage door

Scheduling maintenance for your garage door

We don’t have all the time in the world to spare, for most of us we hardly have an extra minute. So when scheduling home service appointments for the plumber, the cable man, the handyman and yes even your garage repair man, it’s good to know how your garage company handles their appointments.

At D & D
When scheduling, we make sure to give the installer plenty of time to take care of our customer’s needs. When you call to schedule your appointment we will give you a 2 hour window. We know that some customers find this frustrating but there are reasons behind this 2 hour window. Let’s say one of our service technicians was scheduled earlier at Mrs. Smith’s home. Mrs. Smith called in thinking her door just needed new springs but when we assessed the job we realized a lot more needed to be done to get her back up and operating again. Having this 2 hour window will allow our technician to complete Mrs. Smith’s home and still get to your home on time. If a technician is running late we will make sure to call the customer to let them know that we are running late and when to expect us. If this poses an

inconvenience we will either dispatch another technician if one is available or reschedule at a more suitable time for the customer.

Under normal circumstances we make sure to call our customers when we are on the way to their home. This way they don’t have to be sitting home the entire 2 hour window waiting. We prefer for the customer to be home when we arrive for the appointment. With the customer there we are able to easily gain access onto the property and into the garage. We also will be able to ask the customer any questions and address any issues or concerns during the appointment and vice versa. As mentioned above, we always call the customer once we are on our way. If for some reason we make it to the home before the customer does, we will let the customer know that we have arrived and give them a 15 minute window to arrive as well.

Once at the customer’s home we do everything we can to make their installation or repair as quick and as smooth as possible. We are always sure to answer any questions and address any concerns from the customer. If we are servicing or repairing a garage door we always try and help the customer understand why the problem is happening and what preventive measures they can take so they won’t have to call us back out again.

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  • Deanna R. Jones says:

    Scheduling maintenance with a technician to make sure that a garage door is functioning properly is a very good point. Having a certified technician take a look at your garage door can help to prevent any costly repairs in the future. I wish that I had the foresight to schedule regular appointments to have a technician take a look at my garage doors. There’s a spring that needs to be replaced, so now I need to have that repaired before my door can open. If I had a technician look at my door before hand, then I most likely wouldn’t have this problem.