Make sure your garage door is impact rated, Miami-Dade approved.

Buying an Impact Rated Garage Door or a Miami Dade approved Garage Door

In August 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated the Miami-Dade area. Following this storm, officials in Miami–Dade County revamped the building codes to protect its residents from such extreme damage in the future. The result was the most stringent set of codes for windows, garage doors and protective shutters in the country. For example, a garage door has to be able to resist a nine pound 2×4 being fired at 34 miles per hour without penetration to meet the standard.At D and D Garage Doors we are proud to offer several lines of Clopay Garage Doors that meet the stringent Miami-Dade approval code. By offering garage doors that meet these codes, we can ensure the safety and security from natural disasters that these codes are meant to enforce. Also, just because these types of doors are built to meet these strict codes doesn’t mean they aren’t pretty to look at. A lot has changed in the world of garage doors, there are many designs to choose from. You will never have to sacrifice curb appeal for superior protection.

All of the following product lines have Miami-Dade product approval. Please note that some product lines may be size specific in order to have approval.

Canyon Ridge Series – Browse our website for our complete line of Canyon Ridge, Made in America Garage Doors.

Coachman Collection – Browse our website for our complete line of Coachman, Made in America Garage Doors.

Impact Rated Garage Doors Gallery Collection – Browse our website for our complete line of Gallery or Gallery GD5, Made in America Garage Doors.

Hurricane Proof Garage DoorsPremium Series Value Series – Browse our website for our complete line of Premium Value Series, Made in America Garage Doors.

Clopay Impact rated garage door



Miami-Dade approval is good anywhere in the state of Florida. We strongly recommended to only buy home hurricane protection with this level of approval. You won’t find a higher standard when it comes to protecting your home. For more information regarding the above products call or email your local D & D Garage Door’s Design Center. Our expert sales staff are here to help you protect your largest investments, your family & your home.

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  • Michelle says:

    This is very informative. Thank you for making the options of Miami Dade Doors clear. There is a lot of confusion out there about wind, impact, and, Florida and “Dade County” approvals. Enjoyed it.

  • Stuart says:

    Thanks for the important info it is nice to know that Clopay is on top of wind loads as well as the impact ratings I will be buying Clopay doors from here on out ! it is great to know that Clopay is staying ahead of the competition with a superior product as well as lots of choices to choose from !