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Imagine the possibilities of Clopay’s Avante garage doors

Imagine this … you recently purchased an old service station and plan on turning it into a quaint little restaurant. You want that old fashioned look while trying to preserve the old time feel of the building and the era in which it was built by having lots of light come through to make a big impression. So how do you accomplish this with your garage door?  We have just the answer. Clopay Garage Door’s Avante Collection.

The Avante collection is the perfect garage door for the above scenario.

In fact, it actually lends itself to many different looks and styles one might want to accomplish for their home’s curb appeal. Contemporary, tropical, and vintage, just to name a few.Avante Garage Doors

Avante Garage Doors

Avante Garage Doors

Avante Garage Doors

In this case it meets all the above wishes, plenty of light, kept that “dated” and vintage type of look while incorporating today’s technology that helps to protect our garage doors against storms, wind, hurricanes and all daily wear & tear our Florida Climate can bring.

Imagine the possibilities for your home or new project. We guarantee there’s a door that fits your dream.

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