Garage Door Opener not working, could be GFI

Garage Door Opener Not working, could be your GFI.

GFI … What is a GFI?

You could easily say that no two days in our Orlando Garage Door design center are the same for me, especially when it comes to customers and their garage doors. Every customer is different, their tastes, their color preferences, designs and needs. However, there has been one topic that I have talked to several customers about and it seems to be somewhat of a trend lately. The topic I am referring to is the GFI. I’m sure the response you are thinking is, “G F what?”

What is a GFI?

The GFI, which is also known as the Ground Fault Interpreter serves the purpose of protection for us. *The GFI protects us from being shocked due to any type of faults in the electrical devices we use in our homes. For example, have you ever been blow-drying your hair and all of a sudden the dryer stops and you hear a click? Or, the dryer won’t even turn on? Then you have to push the little buttons in the middle of the outlet as sort of a reset for it? And Voila! You’re back to drying again? Well, that is the GFI. If at any time there may be a danger such as overheating on one side, the GFI will kick in!

What is a GFI?

Sometimes when your garage door opener stops working, it could be the GFI:

Most of our phone conversations with the customers start off with the customer calling in because the wall button and the remotes to the garage door opener are not working. So as we trouble shoot with them we eventually are lead to ask them about the GFI. We first make sure that the lock button on the wall is not on and that no circuits have been tripped and then we ask them about the GFI. Once we explain to them what the GFI is and the purposes of the GFI, we then explain where to find the GFI. The GFI switch is located on an outlet in the center; they can be in your garage, your laundry room and even your main bathroom.

Once they locate the GFI switch, a simple press of the reset button and, once again, Voila! All is well again, and the customer is grateful that they didn’t have to pay for a service call on an issue that was easy enough to handle on their own.


So remember, if you ever find yourself in a jam with the G F I, don’t hesitate to call your local D & D garage door dealer 1-888-371-7242. We service all over Florida and we are always happy to help walk you through and trouble shoot issues with you.


  • Sue says:

    Great info! Thanks!

  • Michelle L. says:

    Wow, I’m not the most mechanically or electrically inclined person- but I enjoyed your blog and I’ll never yell at my hair dryer again!

  • Debbie says:

    What wonderful information. Thank you Ginny for sharing this.

  • Charlie says:

    Great info Ginny, I have also talked about this with customers, great Pics as well, customers like info !!

  • Rick Johnson says:

    Very Good piece of information Ginny!!

  • Shirley says:

    Ginny this is great information for our customers one of the reasons I always refer them to the D and D Garage Door Blogs.

  • Sean Renard says:

    Great information, highly appreciative. Actually it is a common problem with all home owners they use GFI, but in my opinion every homeowners should call their garage door service provider once if he have any problem regarding GFI because without prior knowledge, we shouldn’t do it ourselves. Hope it would help you. Also if anyone is interested in latest and High-Tech Garage Doors with great customer reviews can Click here to visit now. Thanks for this helpful blog.

  • Jim Sanders says:

    A simple fix to a simple problem! Luckily the GFI is there to prevent bigger problems. If you’re constantly having to hit reset, though, it may be worth looking into. Thanks for the great article!

  • Deanna R. Jones says:

    Thanks for the tips! I tried to change the batteries in my garage remote, but that didn’t seem to work when my garage door wouldn’t open. It’s good to know that I could check to see if the GFI is working. I should find the GFI switch in my garage and try to press the reset button to see if that will make my door work.

  • David Hawkins says:

    That’s really interesting that GFI could prevent your garage door from opening. I know that my opener is a bit older and it could be a number of things wrong with it. I’ll have to call a service and see if GFI or some other mechanical failure is at fault for my door not opening. Thanks for the info!