Guardian Products

Includes track guards, bollards, post protectors, trailer jack, and safety products such as traffic lights and dock lights. Protect your investments with barrier protection and light signals to work safer with forklifts and carts. Avoid costly warehouse mishaps and dock accidents while protecting employees and equipment.

Dock Bumpers

We work with laminated and molded bumpers and wheel chocks. Made to absorb impact force from loading and unloading semi trucks and can withstand the rain, the cold, and even sun exposure. Dock bumpers also prevent dock impact damage to the vehicles, which saves money for businesses on insurance costs.

Dock Levelers

Hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic dock levelers meets all levels of need in the commercial division. No matter the size or load capacity requirements Pioneer pit leveler equipment is custom made to fit any company’s needs. The Edge-of-Dock levelers can lift up to 35,000 lbs. If you don’t have a pit and the door is wider than…